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Weight Belt

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Ideal for the person needing maximum support while lifting heavy weights while doing squats, deadlifts or power lifting. It is pretty simple really. More stability means more ability to lift more weight. This product represents excellent value for money.

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Product Description

Material:fabric,high density foam,nylon
Colors:Blue and Black
Size:L x W
S: About 91.7 X 17 (cm)
M: About 99.2 X 17.3 (cm)
L: About 109.4 X 17 .5(cm)

Made with high density foam laminated with nylon outside and felt fabric inside.
Designed for maximum comfort and back support,hook and loop closure support systems.
This power weight lifting belt is contoured to the shape of the human body.
This design also reduces the problem of the belt riding up on the body.Rugged,wide webbing helps tighten the belt in the key areas over the abdomen and at the lumbar area.
The webbing works in combination with the belt’s contour shape for a superior level of support fit and comfort.
This belt is reinforced with an extra layer of neoprene coated nylon to make the belt stiffer for extra support.
This unique design offers the sought after firm support of conventional rigid-style belts,but with a comfort load approaching out elastic-style belts.

Package Includes:
1 X Lifting Belt”

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