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L Cross Training straps – Out of stock

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Suspension Training gives you dynamic, suspended, bodyweight training.By harnessing your own body weight to provide resistance, you are able to target any muscle group with seamless exercise efficiency. Suspension training responds to your body, giving you control of your workout. Versatile, portable, effective, and fun. Because it is a fully portable exercise unit, you are able to set up and workout anywhere within minutes. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, everything can be adjusted to you.No need to go to the gym to get an effective workout with these puppies. By using your own body weight you can have the body you always craved and save money doing it.

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Product Description

Category: training ropes
Weight: 1.4kg
length: 12.5cm
Benefits: overall weight loss / body sculpting / cardio/toning/strength

Easy to carry
Exercise can quickly and easily
Everywhere possible exercise
Use your own body weight to generate resistance, allowing adjustment for difficulty and caters to every fitness level.

Package Included:
1x Pull Rope Belt”


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